Chapman Lew introduced his daughter Jasmine to golf because he wanted her to learn respect, integrity and discipline. Fast forward roughly 10 years, and it’s safe to say that Lew, the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation’s Deb Long Scholar and a collegiate golfer at UC Berkeley has learned all that and more from the game.

“Golf has given me so many opportunities and it’s taught me so much,” Lew said. “I’ve been able to play at such a high level and because golf has given me so many opportunities, I want to give back and teach other people what golf has given me.”

A competitor through and through who has played golf at the highest levels, who also enjoys the social aspects of the game and is dedicated to giving back to the sport is all to be expected from the Deb Long Scholar. For Lew, it isn’t just checking off a box on an application. It’s who she is and who she has become because of golf.

“The characteristics of a Deb Long Scholar represent who and what everyone should strive to be,” Lew said. “As a Deb Long Scholar, it’s such an honor to be chosen and put in such a high category.”

Lew grew up in the Foundation’s programming and was a Golf Pass member throughout her childhood. As she continued to develop and grow within the sport, she was selected for several opportunities including the Merrins Legacy Program with the Little Pro himself, and an opportunity to meet Dustin Johnson.

Additionally, Lew was selected based on her character and skill to participate in several Mentor Play Days, special events where juniors are paired with a mentor for a round of golf and networking opportunity at some of Southern California’s most prestigious clubs. Lew credits golf with introducing her to so many different people and helping her create connections that she wouldn’t otherwise have.

One such connection being former Foundation President, Phil Frengs. When a recent business class assignment required Lew to interview an entrepreneur, she turned to Frengs.

“That assignment really showed me a new perspective on golf – it’s not just a game, it goes beyond the golf course,” she said. “It goes into my personal life, like being connected with Mr. Frengs. SCGA Junior taught me about life.”

Through her conversations with Frengs, Lew has considered entrepreneurship as a potential career path once her playing days are over. Equipped with lessons from Frengs and from the course, she’s more prepared than most.

“With golf, you need so much patience and even though there are times when you’re not patient you really have to learn it,” Lew said. “What are you going to do, give up? That’s just failure, but when you keep pushing through, everything just turns into a learning experience instead of a failure.”

Though she has a strong network at the ready when her time comes to enter the business world, she’s not done teeing it up just yet. She’s turning the page on what was a shortened freshman season at Cal due to both injury and COVID-19. In addition to finding success on the collegiate circuit this year, Lew is looking forward to competing in more USGA and LPGA qualifiers.

After all, as the Deb Long Scholar, she’s a competitor through and through.

The Deb Long Scholar

This scholar is a female of need who will honor Deb’s memory by pursuing higher education with the intent to give back to her community. She will have a passion not only for her golf game but for the growth of the game and aspire to lead others. She is a competitor, but also enjoys the game socially and adheres to the rules, etiquette and values that the game provides.