Giving back to junior golf has never been easier thanks to the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation’s portal giving program. Clubs who use the SCGA Online Commerce Portal for club administration have the option to add an opportunity for their members to make a donation to the Foundation during their renewal process.

The donation is completely optional and up to the discretion of each individual member.

First introduced in 2018, the portal giving program has made a huge impact on the Foundation. Already adopted by 125 SCGA clubs, the portal has raised nearly $17,000 for local programming.

For one club, South Bay Pub Links, turning the portal giving option on for their members was a no-brainer said their Club President and co-founder Lew Murez. The club has consistently been one of the most successful at raising money through the option.

“The impact that supporting junior golf has had on our members has been really positive,” Murez said. “Getting a large number of people to understand the value of having juniors involved is even better for the big picture.”

South Bay Pub Links has made supporting junior golf a cornerstone of their club’s mission. Murez emphasized the importance of having a club that was open to men, women and junior golfers and has kept good on that. Many junior members of his club are also members of the SCGA Junior Golf Club, which includes access to $1-$5 green and range fees at more than 150 Southern California courses through the Golf Pass program.

Murez believes that the access and support that the Foundation provides for young golfers is critical to their development as individuals and for the future of the game.

“Exposing juniors to clubs and organized golf teaches them to be future leaders and makes them want to stay involved with golf in the way of the clubs,” Murez said. “SCGA Junior is a part of that and shows them the value of a local club.”

Murez knows first-hand how impactful the Foundation can be. His daughter, Marni, was a member of the SCGA Junior Golf Club for years before earning a college scholarship through the Foundation. She played golf at Santa Clara University and graduated in 2020.

“People aren’t aware of how brutally expensive junior golf is, especially for competitive players between travel and tournament fees and everything else,” Murez said. “We’ve all gotten a lot out of golf and we should do something to invest in the future and that lies with junior golf.”

From the Foundation’s perspective, the support of SCGA clubs like South Bay Pub Links and so many others, is game-changing.

“We’re so thrilled that the portal giving program has been embraced by SCGA clubs,” said the Foundation’s Executive Director, Kevin Gigax. “Without the support of these clubs, we wouldn’t be making the impact that we are today.”

For South Bay Pub Links, portal giving is an easy, efficient way to make a difference.

“Juniors are the future of the game and your club,” Murez said. “Making a donation is strictly optional. It’s up to your members if they want to do it or not, but all clubs should find some way to support the Foundation.”

If you’d like to turn on portal giving for your club or learn about other ways to get involved and support the Foundation, please email Kevin Gigax.

If your club doesn’t use the SCGA’s Online Commerce Portal but would like to sign up, please email Jeremy Pitt.