SCGA Junior and its LPGA*USGA Girls Golf chapters have been a huge part of my golf game and have really helped me become a better leader. My name is Ayuka Yang, and I was one of a few girls selected to represent SCGA Junior at the LPGA Leadership Academy.

It made me feel honored and grateful to be chosen for this opportunity to become a better person and leader through golf. My days at the Academy were filled with fun group activities and challenges with friends. We learned about different things such as trust, decision-making and goal-setting and then we implemented them into our golf game.

Girls Golf and SCGA Junior not only make girls better golfers, but also encourage girls to be confident and persevere when things get tough, which is very important to me. I was also recently accepted as a Girls Golf eLeader, which means I’ll be able to lead and inspire other girls to be passionate about playing golf.

Through SCGA Junior and its programs, I’ve been mentored and coached by so many inspiring people, that now I’m excited to do the same for others. It has also led me to make new friends and be able to learn from great coaches.

I’m not the only one who has had this experience. Lots of local girls are developing skills on and off the golf course because of the programs that you support.

Someone who I met at a recent event was SCGA Foundation scholar alumni, Alyaa Abdulghany. Alyaa spent a lot of time talking to myself and the other girls who were there, sharing her swing tips with us and encouraging us to follow our dreams about playing golf at the next level. Alyaa just advanced to Stage II of LPGA Q-School and I think it’s really cool that I got to spend time with her.

This program has affected myself, girls like me, and even Alyaa. Thank you for all that you do to help girls grow on and off the course.

Your local future LPGA star,

Ayuka Yang

SCGA Junior and LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Participant