Since joining SCGA Junior in the San Fernando Valley community, the Shiratori brothers Koji and Soichi have steadily become more and more involved. Their coaches recognize their strong enthusiasm for golf and brighten up every class they attend. Their coaches also admire their dedication and often see them practicing on their own outside of class.

What is your favorite course and why?

Shoichi: Van Nuys. Because it’s the only course I’ve played (so far). It is fun playing at the course.

Koji: Van Nuys. Because I made a hole in one!

What is your favorite part about playing golf and why?

Shoichi: Putting because it is a simple skill and the ball going into the hole is the best feeling!

Koji: Chipping because I like making chip in birdies!

Best SCGA Junior memory?

Shoichi: Hula hoop rock-paper-scissor-shoot. I like it because I could play with everyone!

Koji: Playing with my friend Koby.

Why do you like coming to SCGA Junior events?

Shoichi: I like it because it is fun and I could get better at golf.

Koji: I like it because I could have fun with all my friends.

Favorite golfer or athlete?

Shoichi: Hideki Matsuyama

Koji: Koby Hori (a fellow SCGA Junior participant)

Favorite food?

Shoichi: Sushi

Koji: Spaghetti

Favorite sport other than golf?

Shoichi: Karate, swimming

Koji: Karate, Soccer, swimming

Any other hidden talents?

Shoichi: I can read, write, and speak Japanese

Koji: I have super speed!