It’s three’s company with the Pearce family! Phoebe, Daphne and Eldon are all active participants in the Riverside community. Their coaches love working with all of them together, and love how easily they mesh with other juniors on the course. They bring lots of energy every time they tee it up and especially love coming to LPGA*USGA Girls Golf events and on-course playing opportunities.

What is your favorite part about playing golf?

Phoebe: My favorite part about playing golf is driving the ball because I like hitting the ball far.

Daphne: My favorite part about playing golf is being on the course because that is the most exciting.

Eldon: My favorite part about golf is putting because it is calming.

What is your favorite SCGA Junior memory?

Phoebe: My favorite memory is playing on course in the girls golf events.

Daphne: My favorite memory is getting second place in a tournament.

Eldon: My favorite SCGA Junior memory is passing the Level 2 assessment.

What is your favorite part about coming to SCGA Junior events?

All: We love all our SCGA Junior coaches!

What other sports or hobbies do you like?

All: We also like basketball, swimming, drawing, reading and playing strategy games.

Any other fun facts?

All: All three of us play the piano, speak Spanish and take care of our garden. Eldon also plays the clarinet.