Isabel is a sweet and caring member of the San Fernando Valley community. Her coaches have described her as a ray of sunshine who is always positive to everyone she encounters at the golf course. Isabel recently won second place in an SCGA Junior tournament, and her coaches are so proud of the work she has put in to improve her game – clearly it shows!

How long have you been with SCGA Junior?

I have been with SCGA junior approximately one year

What is your favorite course and why? 

My favorite course is Bell Gardens, because the greens are super small, so it’s hard to chip onto the green.  

What is your favorite part about playing golf and why?

I like chipping. I don’t really know why.  

Best SCGA Junior memory?

My first class, because it was exciting to try something new, and all of the people were really nice.  

Why do you like coming to SCGA Junior events?

Everyone is super helpful and nice. The games are fun to play. It’s also fun to meet new people.  

Favorite golfer or athlete?

Brooke Henderson 

Other hobbies?

Horseback riding and swimming.

Favorite sport other than golf?

Tennis  and skiing 

Any other hidden talents?

I like to bake.