The Arciaga brothers, Vince (right) and Jason love coming to class and interacting with all their friends at the course. Vince has been an avid golfer for several years and outside of class he’s even played with his dad in SCGA Junior adult-junior tournaments. You can spot Vince a mile away because he’s always wearing his driver cap. Jason played golf when he was younger and has recently been getting back into the game.

What is your favorite course and why?

V: My favorite course is Via Verde CC because it is beautiful and challenging.

J: My favorite course is Van Nuys GC because that’s where I play with my family.

What is your favorite thing about playing golf?

V: I like everything about golf. (Well, you’re not wrong, Vince.)

J: I love to play, but especially when I win because that winning feeling is so good.

What is your favorite SCGA Junior memory?

V: My favorite memory was getting my first birdie at an SCGA Junior event. I’ve gotten five more birdies at other events since then! And I have 18 overall.

Why do you like going to SCGA Junior events?

V: I go to SCGA Junior events to have fun with my friends and the coaches.

J: Every SCGA Junior event I go to is so fun!


Golfer: V: Dustin Johnson

Food: V: Chicken Noodle Soup, J: Ramen

Sports team: V: Team TaylorMade