Matthew and Ethan are inspiring on and off the golf course to their coaches and everyone that they meet. They have been described by their coaches as, just plain cool. They are a joy to have in class and their coaches love working with them. They brighten the day of everyone who they play with at the course.

What is your favorite part of playing golf?

Ethan: My favorite part is being able to practice with my brother Matthew, who is autistic.

Matthew: Being able to focus and hit the ball. Focusing has always been a challenge for me but playing golf has helped my apply myself better in school.

What is your best SCGA Junior memory?

Ethan: Going to Game Days with my brother and encouraging him throughout the day.

Matthew: When I hit the ball far during a driving range session with Coach T!

Why do you like SCGA Junior?

Matthew: I like going to SCGA Junior events because I wanted to try a new sport and now I realized how much I enjoy it!

Favorite golfer:

Ethan: My favorite golfer is my little brother. He has some challenges, but he doesn’t let this interfere with playing golf and trying his best.

Any hidden talents?

Matthew: I don’t call it a talent, but my superpower. My SUPERPOWER is that I’m AUTISTIC! I have a vast and creative imagination and this makes me unqiue.