Khloe is a dedicated golfer who always brings a smile and strong work ethic with her to class. She started with SCGA Junior as a Golf Pass member and is now a regular in the SFV community, coming to class weekly and is also a member of the Girls Golf of SFV chapter. Khloe’s coaches notice her passion for golf and how she stays after class to keep working on her game.

Why did you start playing golf?

 I started playing golf because I had two knee surgeries and I needed a sport with low impact. And now I love it! I’ve been playing with SCGA Junior for almost a year now.

What is your favorite course and why?

My favorite course is Van Nuys GC because it’s the first course that I ever played.

What is your favorite SCGA Junior memory?

My favorite memory so far was going to the Genesis Invitational on a field trip with SCGA Junior.

Why do you like coming to SCGA Junior events?

I like getting to practice my golf skills in such a fun environment.


Golfer: Tiger Woods & Lexi Thompson

Food: Boiled crab

Sport other than golf: Tennis

Sports team: LA Clippers