The Yuan brothers are both great golfers who impress their coaches with their skill and dedication. They regularly come to class and take lessons. What really stands out about the Yuan brothers to their instructors is how much fun they are to have in class by telling jokes and helping everyone else around them have more fun.

How long have you been with SCGA Junior?

We both started SCGA Junior in January, 2019, when SCGA Junior opened it’s San Fernando Valley chapter.

What is your favorite course and why?

K: My favorite golf course is Arroyo Seco GC because the greens are nice and the putting area is challenging. 

B: My favorite golf course is also  Arroyo Seco GC because it also has a mini golf course.

What is your favorite part about playing golf and why?

K: My favorite part of playing golf is hitting my driver because it is exciting. It looks easy but it’s very hard to be good all the time.
B: I love putting because I’m good at it most of the time.

Best SCGA Junior memory?

Our best memory is seeing Tiger Woods at the Genesis Invitational field trip at Riviera CC. It was a very fun trip. Thanks SCGA Junior for the opportunity!

Why do you like coming to SCGA Junior events?

Because the events are so fun! We get to learn how to be better at golf, make friends and win prizes!

Any other hidden talents?

We both can play the cello and piano pretty well.



K: Brooks Koepka

B: Tiger Woods


We both love Ramen.


We both love playing Nintendo, Animal Crossing.

Sport other than golf:

K: Basketball

B: Handball

Sports team:

Los Angeles Lakers