Jackson is dedicated to taking his game to the next level. His love for the game of golf stands out to his coaches and it shows in how hard he works and how much knowledge he has about the sport. He is always asking questions to improve his game and is a joy for the coaches to work with.

How long have you been playing golf with SCGA Junior?

Almost two years.

What is your favorite course and why?

Heartwell GC because it is an 18-hole course but the holes are not too long. I like to hit my driver on that course.

What is your favorite part about playing golf and why?

My favorite part about playing golf is being with other people and having fun. I also like to work on my swing and see what happens on different holes. I really like seeing all the green nature and the green of the golf course. 

Best SCGA Junior memory?

At Don Knabe GC, on hole 6, during a Game Day with SCGA Junior, I hit my hybrid all the way to the green from the tee box. It landed on the left side of the green. It was the first time I hit my new hybrid really well.

Why do you like coming to SCGA Junior events?

I get to meet a lot of new friends and the coaches are really nice. I really like the way the coaches help me while on the course. I just really like being out on the course with other new people. 

Favorite golfer or athlete?

Phil Mickelson because I love to watch him hit his flop shot onto the green. I would really like to learn how to do that. 

Favorite food?

Homemade chicken tacos or Raising Canes chicken strips

Favorite movie?

The first Avengers movie

Favorite subject in school?


Any other hidden talents?

I’m really good on my hoverboard going around my house and riding it down the street.