Emma is a freshman at Gahr HS and is a member of the Girls Golf of Southeast LA Leadership Team.

When did you start playing golf? How did you get involved?

I started playing golf in the eighth grade. I got involved by taking lessons with SCGA Junior at Don Knabe GC. Then I started playing golf with family and in high school. 

Dream foursome?

My dream foursome would include Michelle Wie, Tiger Woods, Steph Curry and me. 

What do you love most about golf?

Something that I love about golf is that it is a sport I can play with family and friends. It is a game that requires using your mind to form strategies and I can use it to relax when I’m having a bad day. 

What is your favorite Girls Golf of Southeast LA memory?

My favorite memory was setting up and running a putting game at one of the girls golf events. This was really fun for me because it gave me the chance to help younger girls get better at putting, and I had a really great time while doing so. It was also really fun to get to know other volunteers who enjoyed talking and hanging around with the younger golfers.

Why is it important to have Girls Golf of Southeast LA?

It is important to have Girls Golf of Southeast LA and other programs like it because it gives kids, specifically girls a chance to play the game with each other. Programs like these help girls learn new leadership skills and find ways to connect within their communities. Girls Golf is very important because it gives girls the opportunity to play golf and interact with other people who love playing golf, which is something that they may have never done before. 

What would you say to other girls about playing golf?

Something that I would say to other girls about playing golf is that it isn’t easy and I’m still struggling at getting better at it. Golf is a game that changes every round you play. It forces you to think outside the box so that you can succeed when playing it. When you play golf not every shot will be good and something I struggle with is not allowing the bad shots to determine how the rest of your round of golf will go. It is important to realize that not every shot will be good and not to let the bad shots discourage you from trying to get better at golf, but most of all always trying to have fun while playing golf. 


Golfer: Michelle Wie

Course: Hansen Dam GC

Food: Ramen

Animal: Sea turtle

Way to relax: Watching TV