There is no love like that of a mother for her child, no matter what. My name is Rebecca Ramirez, and as a mother of two, I couldn’t be more proud of the young adults that my children have grown into.
For my son Phillip, so much of that growth is thanks to the game of golf. As a young boy, Phillip was diagnosed with health conditions and people didn’t want to be around him. He couldn’t do a lot of things including sports and social activities.
That all changed when we found golf. Golf allowed Phillip to get out and play, and it taught him social skills and values.
We found our second home, our community, in golf. That’s why I love to give back as an SCGA Junior Golf Foundation volunteer and why Phillip enjoys his work as a coach in the Player & Youth Development program so much. Golf has had such a big impact on our lives and we want to make sure it’s more accessible and more affordable so that all kids can try it.
Even something as simple as providing uniforms and equipment to kids that enroll in classes, helps them feel more comfortable as golfers. And that’s exactly what the Foundation does.
We need affordability in the game of golf and when someone has a set of clubs or the proper attire, they know that they can really do it. It brings me so much joy to put a smile on someone else’s face and to make someone feel like they’re part of the sport because they have the proper equipment.
It has been one of my great honors to volunteer with the Foundation. I’m especially passionate about being able to work within my own community – Southeast LA – where I know firsthand the challenges that other families are facing.
To see kids excel on the course and to see how much they enjoy playing golf is great. To see the coaches sharing their talents and joys with the kids – even my son and his friends who are coaches – lets me know that we’re building a community within our community. That’s the joy.
And it’s thanks to folks like you that the Foundation is able to continue this incredibly important work. So as a mother who has seen the benefits of the game firsthand, thank you.

With thanks,

Rebecca Ramirez

Volunteer, 2020 President’s Award Winner