When did you first get involved with SCGA Junior? 

Courtney: I started working with SCGA Junior in 2019. And it has changed me as a person.  

Cory: I got involved in the Fall of 2021. My sister was the person who recommended I apply. 


Why is diversity and representation important in golf? 

Courtney: Diversity and representation are important in golf because having kids younger than you see, oh that person looks like me that means I can be what they are too. Having diverse people in the game will help the younger kids want to do and be like their role models.  

Cory: Growing up playing golf I would always see the same backgrounds of people playing, so having the opportunity to reach out to different cultures and backgrounds is something I’m passionate about. Just like in any sport, everyone should have the chance to play without any crutches financially or environmentally. 


How important was it for you to have role models growing up that look like you? 

Courtney: Looking up to people like me really helped me see that I can do and be just like her. My role model was Michelle Wie. Seeing such a strong Asian woman on and off the course made me look up to her most. She does amazing on the course but also cares a lot about her community. Golf is a sport, but it also shapes you as a person.  

Cory: It wasn’t that important for me to have role models that looked like me, but more of having a role model that is relatable to myself. If you’re able to have some sort of common ground with a person, I feel like you’re able to create a special bond where you can see yourself being influenced by that person. 


What does it mean to you to be that role model for kids now? 

Courtney: Being a role model to kids makes me feel like I’m doing a good job. Not just teaching golf but also teaching them life skills through golf.  

Cory: Growing up I’ve always struggled looking for a role model, so I try to be the best role model I can be for these kids. I strive to be a good influence for these kids so they can take some of my positive qualities and use them in their lives. 


How has your experience been coaching with your sibling? 

Courtney: Working with Cory is fun a lot of the kids love to pick on him and they ask me for permission before doing so and because I am his little sister I say yes go ahead!  

Cory: It’s been great coaching with my sister. We are different, but the same. We have some siblings in our program, so we try to be a positive influence on them since siblings can sometimes get in each other’s hair. I want them to see how you and your sibling can both enjoy or work together in a sport to make each other better. 


What impact has coaching had on your life? 

Courtney: Coaching has impacted my life in so many ways, being able to teach kids golf and life skills through golf makes me feel accomplished. Coaching has not just taught me patience but also learning how to work with different age groups. When kids come to class and know your name and say I want to be in your group makes me smile, to me that shows that I have made an impact on them. 

Cory: I’ve never imagined myself coaching, but since starting, it has been such a blessed experience. Sometimes I feel like the kids are teaching me more than I’m teaching them. Seeing the smiles while the kids are learning/playing golf really makes it all worthwhile. I am in a point in my life where I am planning to have children in the near future, so coaching has impacted me in reassuring my excitement to have kids of my own!