The SCGA Junior coaching staff continues to grow as it snatches up young and capable leaders to mold a new generation of Southern California golfers.

In partnership with Up2Us Sports – the nation’s leader in sports based youth development – SCGA Junior would like to welcome the newest member of our coaching staff, Bairon Gomez, to the team.

Gomez will serve as an instructor for the SCGA Junior golf instruction program at Maggie Hathaway GC in South Los Angeles. Working in the same neighborhood where he was born and raised, he will help bring golf to a community that has typically not been exposed to the sport.

But Gomez, who believes golf has so much to offer the youth of South LA, is here to change that.

“Golf is a sport that connects the dots for kids,” he says. “It’s especially important for youth in under-privileged neighborhoods, who will likely face extra challenges while growing up.

“Like any sport, golf teaches kids responsibility and discipline while showing them how to apply themselves and face challenges. In golf you are fully accountable and you know your own mistakes, something that at times is lacking in team sports.”

Gomez is focused on being a positive role model and supportive mentor for SCGA Junior kids, noting he had a stand out role model, his 9th grade math teacher, who really encouraged him to become the man he is today.

“She motivated me to be better in school,” says Gomez. “It was the first time someone showed me that I could be somebody and do something with my life.”

Thanks to his role model, Gomez finished high school with a 3.5 GPA at John C. Freeman High School in Los Angeles, while juggling academics and sports, mainly football and golf.

This exceptional performance inspired him to follow an even bigger dream – to become an engineer.

But in the meantime, Gomez hopes coaching will help him be the best person he can be.

“You can always improve yourself and learn more,” Gomez says. “I just want to get a smile back from the kids and know that I made someone’s day.”

Currently, Gomez is attending various Los Angeles junior colleges to get his prerequisite courses completed while he works at Maggie Hathaway, both as the newest SCGA Junior coach and on the driving range. He plans to attend college full-time in a few years to finish his degree in civil engineering, aspiring to work for the City of Los Angeles in order to better South L.A. communities.

As for his golf game, Gomez is a stellar player himself with a secret weapon up his sleeve.
Maggie Hathaway’s driving range requires manual pick-up, which has given him the chance to master the art of the pitch and chip. Each night, Gomez chooses a target to fly all the range balls to – easing his pick-up duties and giving himself an edge on one of golf’s most challenging shots.

“Every moment I play is special,” says Gomez. “I love it!”