In a partnership aimed at nurturing young talent and fostering a passion for golf, the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation joined forces with Cisco and the United States Golf Association (USGA) to create an unforgettable experience for over 100 families at the 123rd U.S. Open Championship at The Los Angeles Country Club. This collaboration not only provided exclusive access to the historic U.S. Open as it returned to Los Angeles for the first time in 75 years, but also offered a host of exciting opportunities to keep the juniors engaged and inspired.

Through this partnership, Cisco generously donated 280 Wednesday practice round tickets along with 130 parking passes and 200 food vouchers, enabling the young golfers and their families to witness firsthand the pinnacle of professional golf.

Recognizing the importance of investing in the future of golf, PGA Tour pro Keith Mitchell also made an appearance for a meet-and-greet with juniors, complete with autographs and photos.

The partnership between the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation, Cisco and the USGA showcased the collective commitment to creating a lifelong love for golf. By providing access to one of golf’s greatest events and facilitating meaningful interactions with professional golfers, this collaboration left a lasting impact on the juniors, ensuring they remain active in the game for years to come.