You never know what life experience will strike a chord with a junior. What program or person will get them excited about their future, and a potential career? For Brooke Miller, an SCGA Junior scholar from Chino Hills, her experience growing up with SCGA Junior programs has inspired her to pursue a career in youth sports, in no small part due to her own experiences growing up as a golfer.

Miller has spent her summer soaking up experience as a P.J. Boatwright intern at the Iowa Golf Association, helping out wherever an extra set of hands and a sharp brain is needed.

“It’s all hands on deck here [at the IGA],” said Miller. “The interns help with everything. Course rating, tournaments, marketing, writing and website management. It’s an all-encompassing experience. We’re all part of a small little family here.”

Heading into her senior year at Drake University in nearby Des Moines where she’s double majoring in Public Relations and Political Science, Miller has been an active SCGA Junior volunteer for years, an experience that has left such an impact that she’s looking to bring a similar program to the Midwest.

“One of the biggest appeals of taking this internship was the opportunity to bring a statewide junior program to the IGA,” said Miller. “Getting into the youth side of sports and the advocacy behind it just hits so close to home with my SCGA Junior experience and I felt that Iowa needed something like that.”

A baby bird out of her nest and into the wilderness, Miller is on a mission to make a difference in the youth golf space, all because of her involvement in SCGA Junior and the personal evolution throughout her time with the program.

“I’ve been on board with everything SCGA Junior has done,” said Miller. “I used to just use the Golf Pass, but after I improved and got accepted into the scholarship program, I really saw the big picture. I loved seeing kids learn at the clinics and want to bring that great aspect to the game in Iowa.”

A bright future in the industry is a certainty for Miller, should she decide to continue her pursuit.

“Right now, I want to get into the youth side of sports,” said Miller. “Nothing bad comes from participating in athletics. Golf is especially unique in the preparation for skills needed in the real world.”

All it took was a few experiences as an SCGA Junior volunteer to effect the game plan for this local scholar.