The SCGA Foundation’s Youth On Course program has received a generous grant of $25,000 from the Southern California Section of the PGA of America, SCGA Foundation Executive Director Kevin Gigax announced last week.

“The mission of Youth On Course is to bring young people into the game and to sustain the interest of others. That is very important, and that meets the same mission that the Southern California Section of the PGA works under,” SCPGA Executive Director Tom Addis said.

Nikki Gatch, the SCPGA’s assistant executive director, recently joined the SCGA Foundation’s Youth On Course subcommittee in the hope of making golf affordable and accessible to all junior golfers (Read about Nikki in this issue of FORE Magazine).

“The SCGA Foundation, the SCPGA and the WSCGA are all trying to do the same thing: promote the game of golf,” she said. “The SCPGA’s junior tour has one of the largest groups taking advantage of the Youth On Course program, and it is wonderful program.”

The grant raised the SCPGA’s support to $50,000 for the program over the past three years.

Youth On Course establishes $1-$5 green and range fees for youth at local golf facilities during off-peak hours. Participants become certified after successfully completing a series of online quizzes covering such topics as golf rules, etiquette and life skills.

“Golf teaches integrity, character and responsibility in a way that few other activities can match,” Gigax said. “With affordable access to golf, the game will continue to grow, but more importantly, youth will have the opportunity to experience on a regular basis the life skills that the game teaches. The SCPGA’s generosity will help ensure that this continues.”