Golf can change a child’s future in a community where the sound of fireworks can be mistaken for gunfire. Bringing communities together by introducing the game of golf and providing a safe haven for area youth has a way of keeping them striving and believing that they can have a future full of hope.

SCGA Junior is participating in “Parks After Dark” at Helen Keller park, and both the community’s youth and parents are excited to try our fitness, golf and decision-making program. So far, parents have been pleasantly surprised to see something different and positive going on in the park. Teaching kids the basics of golf with age appropriate equipment, while using fitness to keep them active, gives kids an option to skip the video games or basketball court and try a sport that builds character and requires patience.

Below are some of the comments from staff and participants who have had that opportunity to try golf with SCGA Junior.

Mike Ealey, Supervisor Helen Keller Park: “Golf provides a wonderful opportunity and an awesome concept. A tremendous asset for the kids.”

Keadra Welch, Recreation Services: “It’s a good opportunity for kids to be introduced to something different. My daughter loved it.”

Michael Reese, Recreation Services: “The golf program has been a pretty interesting development. It’s very new to this neighborhood and I like it a lot because it teaches kids not only to find new angles in life, but to also shoot for a goal. I think we should bring more programs like this to different communities because it brings kids together, especially kids with different background and nationalities.  I think golf is a fun sport too because I actually play it myself, but don’t tell anybody.”

Johnathan Aguirre, Recreation Services: “Our golf program is an inspiration to the youth and being able to inspire them to look outside the box, to be able to see a sport for what it is. The patience and perseverance to actually take on the responsibility of being a golfer and understand the role, play not only for themselves but also for the community.  They’re able to show others that golf is a sport to try and love.”

LA County Parks and Recreation Department Parks After Dark provides:

  • Activities during the summer in parks in the most disadvantage communities
  • Helps reduces crime and brings communities together
  • Creates healthy life styles and makes parks safe again
  • SCGA is bringing golf to underserve communities
  • Increases physical activity in Parks helps increase safety and deters violence
  • As a community we can give the park back to kids and families by participating in Park events
  • It’s more than just a park, it’s a community, and a safe area for sports and gatherings