March 30, 2011

More than 40 people gathered Thursday for an SCGA Foundation Open House at the SCGA Offices to learn about volunteer opportunities and other ways to assist the foundation. The program included a reception followed by a presentation.

In attendance were SCGA President Steve Titus, SCGA Foundation President Ed Holmes, a number of SCGA staff members and volunteers, and plenty of new faces looking to get involved. Attendees completed cards that indicated which areas of the Foundation they would be able to support.

During the presentation, Titus and Holmes spoke about the importance of making golf affordable and accessible to youth, and the successes the foundation has already had doing that through its Youth on Course program.

Thao Lee, a graduating scholar and UCLA student, spoke about the direct impact the Foundation has had on her life.

The Foundation would like to thank Chris Wilson and Dan Cimino for hosting the event.

The event helped the Foundation continue to build its network of volunteers, contacts and resources. If you or anyone you know would like to get involved with the foundation, please email