On the eve of the SCGA’s annual Hall of Fame induction, six juniors from the SCGA Foundation and their families attended an intimate chat with Charlie Sifford

Charlie Sifford, who broke the PGA’s color barrier in the early 1960s, had the opportunity Monday at Lakeside GC to speak with young men whose future he helped shape. In a speech given to the more than 90 attendees at the event, SCGA Foundation junior Trey Woods said, “Golf has changed my life dramatically,” a statement that could not have been made without the determination and patience Sifford displayed decades ago.

Joining Sifford in the 2011 SCGA Hall of Fame class is Amy Alcott, who along with Sifford was officially inducted in a ceremony at the Sheraton Universal on Tuesday. Monday evening, Alcott told stories about her career including her early days learning to play golf in her front yard.

The six juniors in attendance arrived at Lakeside with questions for Sifford including “What kept you going through all of your struggles in pursuing your dreams” and “What advice would you give young golfers?” The group had the opportunity for conversation before dinner, when a more formal chat began for all attendees. The SCGA Foundation Hall of Fame reception is an intimate evening with the SCGA’s inductees the night before the induction ceremony. Friends of the Foundation are invited to hear inside stories about the inductees career. You can learn more about SCGA’s Friends of the Foundation program HERE.

“Thank you for inviting me to the Hall of Fame reception. I am so proud of Trey,” said Woods’ mother and Foundation Volunteer Charlotte Thornton. “I thought the juniors did an excellent job with the fire-side chat and were very comfortable with Dr. Sifford and Ms. Alcott.”