By: Jonathan Coe

To say that golf for the Sumners is a family affair would be an understatement. Sixteen-year-old Emily is the oldest of two in a golf centric lineage that spans multiple generations. The itch was instilled in Emily from her parents, Scott and Judith, who were drawn together by the game.

“We shared a love of golf,” says Judith. “We later shared that love with our children and slowly let them discover the game on weekend family outings.”

It was on one of those outings that Emily was introduced to the SCGA Junior program. While at the driving range one afternoon, it was suggested that she reach out to SCGA Junior and take advantage of all the benefits that come with being a member.

“It sounded like a great opportunity,” said Emily. “SCGA Junior provides discounted greens fees and range tokens which really encouraged me to go play more golf.”

No one needed to convince Emily’s mother of the SCGA Junior perks.

“As you might imagine, having two kids playing competitive golf, the reduced rates are much appreciated,” said Judith. “Many of the tournaments are at unfamiliar courses. It is very helpful to receive discounts on practice rounds.”

As part of its club program, SCGA Junior often takes participating juniors to Southern California private clubs for a day of fun and education with members. Kids like Emily are coupled with mentors who are able to share their life experience over a round of golf.

“Recently, SCGA Junior invited me to an outing at a super nice country club,” said Emily. “So, it’s really been a great experience and obviously a ton of fun.”

Emily is no stranger to philanthropy, as her and her family have volunteered at the annual SCGA Junior Golf Marathon for years. So when she felt an urge to reciprocate the organization that fostered her growth in the game of golf, it was a smooth transition.

“The entire experience of SCGA Junior has been really cool for me,” said Emily. “I’ve made some wonderful friendships so I wanted to give back .”

Emily organized a fundraiser at Mile Square GC in Fountain Valley, with all profits benefitting SCGA Junior.

The day’s main attraction was a putting contest in which contestants paid $5 to take on the par-12 setup. If the participant was able to score 12 or below, they received a range token plus a certificate for a free round at Mile Square.

In addition to rolling putts, participants were showered with raffle prizes ranging from vouchers to area courses and free lessons to swag like golf balls and water bottles .

In all, Emily raised over $1,220 for SCGA Junior.

Running a fundraiser by herself is even more impressive when you consider just how hectic this summer has been for Emily.

As a 16-year-old junior in high school, college is on the forefront of the mind. Emily has recently spoken with golf coaches at Cal Poly, University of California – Davis and University of Nevada – Reno about joining their programs and is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

In addition to planning for college, Emily has kept busy, playing in a number of tournaments to get AJGA stars and further improve her recruiting status.

While her eyes are set on the future, Emily will never forget her beginnings with SCGA Junior.

“Everyone is so nice and I love being around the people of SCGA Junior,” exclaimed Emily. “I’d love to come back and help the program whenever I can.”