Foundation juniors learn about the college recruiting process and more

The SCGA Foundation’s G.A.M.E. Club hosted its first ever all-girls outing at Industry Hills GC on Saturday. Seven G.A.M.E. Club members were paired with seven female Foundation supporters who served as mentors for the day.

The day started with a Question & Answer session with female collegiate golfers, who talked about their junior golf careers, gave advice on recruiting and discussed what life is like as a student-athlete. Questions from the juniors included “How do I get noticed by college coaches” and “How do you manage school work when on the road?” The best piece of advice in regards to recruiting was to “always have a positive attitude.” The student-athletes emphasized the fact that coaches care more about a players’ attitude then what scores they shoot, as they know that a player’s game is something that can be worked on once they’re on the team.

The group then enjoyed a friendly competition, playing a Pinehurst format to encourage team camaraderie. G.A.M.E. Club member Samantha Rocha (pictured with her partner, Dr. Barbara Kreedman) really enjoyed the experience, saying “The event was really fun and I think there should be more all-girls golf outings!”

The next G.A.M.E. Club event will be a G.A.M.E. Day at Hacienda GC that will be open to all eligible members.