Nadya is a member of the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Southeast LA chapter and loves to participate in any activity whenever she gets the chance. She stands out to her coaches as a leader among her peers who is outgoing and always has a smile on her face. She even teaches her brothers, who aren’t golfers, the skills she learns from SCGA Junior and they compete together during family outings. Nadya never backs down and never stops trying.

How long have you been golfing with SCGA Junior?

I’ve been playing with SCGA Junior for about a year and a half.

What do you love most about golf? Why do you love coming to SCGA Junior events?

My favorite part about golf and SCGA Junior events is meeting new people and friends because they encourage you. I love coming to SCGA Junior events because they are super fun.

What is your favorite Girls Golf of Southeast LA memory?

My best memory from a girls golf event is when we got holiday cookies and we got to decorate them.


Golfer: Stacy Lewis (because she has a lot of trophies)

Golf Course: Fairmount Chateau Whistler Golf Club because of all the bears that you see there

Food: French fries

Movie: Onward, because the message is appreciate what you have before it’s gone

Favorite sport other than golf: Swimming