Hallie Brisco, sophomore, Edison High School


Favorite golfer: Michelle Wie (she’s tall like me)


Favorite course: Mesa Verde CC


Favorite animal: Giraffe


Favorite food: Sushi


Favorite way to relax: Read a good book


Dream foursome?

Rory Mcllroy, Michelle Wie, and my Dad.


When did you start playing golf? How did you get involved?

I have been golfing for about seven years, competitively for about four years. My dad is a golfer and it was a way for us to spend time together. My parents chose to introduce me to golf because it is a sport that we will be able to play together for the rest of our lives.


What do you love most about golf?

My favorite thing about golf is the ups and downs of the game. Anyone who has ever golfed knows how hard it is to be consistent. The good and bad days keep me coming back to golf. When I have a tough day, I want to come out tomorrow to try and fix the problem. When I have a great day, I want to come out tomorrow and play even better!


Why is Girls Golf of Southeast LA important?

It is so important that we have these programs such as Girls Golf of Southeast LA because they help introduce more girls into this amazing game. For some kids, golf can be boring and slow, but the Girls Golf program has found a way to make the game fun for girls of all ages.


What is your favorite memory from Girls Golf of Southeast LA?

My favorite memory from Girls Golf of Southeast LA was when I brought some of the girls from my high school team to one of our Friday meetings and one of the activities was a tic-tac-toe putting game where we were all on different teams. We had so much fun competing against each other!


What would you say to other girls about playing golf?

I would tell other girls who play golf or are thinking of playing golf that this is more than a sport, it’s a game. Playing, practicing and competing is supposed to be fun! Try not to be too hard on yourself! Finding the happy medium between fun and discipline is what makes a great golfer.