Deanna Roldan, freshman, UCSD


Favorite animal: Giraffe


Favorite way to relax: Listening to music while doing nothing.


When did you start playing golf? How did you get involved?

I started playing golf during middle school after my dad encouraged me to begin. It was a way for us to bond and I loved playing.


What do you love most about golf?

I love how golf can be independent or collaborative. There is something for everyone and it’s such a versatile sport that anyone can play.


Why is Girls Golf of Southeast LA important?

Programs like Girls Golf of Southeast LA are important because girls of all ages and skill levels are supported. All girls are welcome and it’s all about helping each other.


What is your favorite memory from Girls Golf of Southeast LA?

My favorite memories from Girls Golf of Southeast LA are watching girls teaching other girls how to play. When girls are first starting to learn, no one leaves them behind.


What would you say to other girls about playing golf?

I would say to other girls playing golf to challenge themselves. You have no limits as to what you can do. Keep practicing and remember to have fun.