We had the pleasure of sitting down with Air Force veteran, golf course enthusiast, husband, father, grandfather, San Diego resident and long-time board member, Steve Waszak to learn about his annual “Birdies and Brunch” event with scholars at Torrey Pines GC.    

We hope you enjoy hearing his perspective on the value of time spent with the wonderful young adults that donors like you have graciously chosen to help.   

Q: How did you find the SCGA/SCGA Junior?    

A:  After getting into golf through a friend in the nineties, I started looking for a way to give back. I was introduced to the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation through a member outing and when I met the parents and talked to the kids, I quickly found that it was clear where the money was going. This wasn’t kid’s rec-league soccer. The [SCGA Junior Golf Foundation] was about the value that the entire family got out of it. It’s beyond just sport.     

Q: What encouraged you to join the Scholarship Committee?    

A:  The scholarship program offered me an opportunity to get more involved. The applicants that come through are outstanding. You can tell the difference between the applicants that come up through the program and the kids that don’t. It’s apparent.     

I like seeing these kids have dreams and working to figure out how to make them happen. They’re impressive kids and I love seeing them succeed.     

Q: You created the annual ‘Birdies and Brunch’ at Torrey Pines GC to get to better know some of the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation Scholars. Why?    

A: I have a little routine whenever I go to Torrey Pines GC. I always have breakfast and sit outside looking out over the first tee box of the South Course at the ocean. It’s just beautiful. When I invite scholars and their parents, we always start off with breakfast at that same table. But now I don’t face the tee box, I face away. Everybody else faces the tee box and gets to look out. It’s nice to spend some time breaking bread and getting to know each other before we go out and play. It’s also great because it’s the first time everybody has played there. It’s great to help the scholars feel more connected to SCGA Junior even after they’ve graduated.     

Q: Who inspires you in golf?    

A: I definitely get inspired by many of the SCGA Junior kids. When I meet them and play golf with them, they’re just phenomenal. It’s a credit to them, their parents and our coaches. There’s a recipe that’s working well at SCGA Junior.   

Mr. Waszak exemplifies the crucial value donors bring to our Foundation. Without your help, our programs would not be possible. Your support extends beyond the value of learning golf and creates lasting memories and impact for our juniors for years to come. We welcome and encourage your assistance. We cannot grow the game alone.