Staying hydrated and having healthy snacks to keep your energy level up when you play golf is very important.   

What snacks do you put in your golf bag when you play? Coach Teresa here, and my go to for on-course play is a peanut butter sandwich, a banana and my very favorite that guarantees me to get through the day, trail mix.   

Depending on where you play, many golf courses do not allow outside snacks and drinks. Many of these snacks are available in the snack shop or restaurant and I encourage you to pick them up at the course to support our local facilities. Here are some other suggestions to keep healthy and hydrated.   

Make Healthy Choices: 

Pass up the snacks with too much sugar such as, candy bars, candy, cookies and gummies. Did you know a candy bar has five teaspoons of sugar and a soda has 20 teaspoons of sugar? Try this at home: Put five teaspoons of sugar in the cup. Look how much sugar you would eat in one candy bar. Wow!  That’s a lot!  So, try to avoid these choices and pick drinks and snacks with less sugar.    

Snack Prep on the Course: 

When you’re getting ready to start a new hole, you think about what club to use and where you’re going to hit the ball. Now, start thinking about planning what and when you’re going to eat your snacks. When I have my snacks and a plan of when I’m going to eat them, I can stay energized and focused. Every two to three holes, I’m drinking water, which is by far the best tool to have for the day. If I’m playing 18 holes, I’m keeping my energy up and staying hydrated by drinking more than a sip every three-four holes to help me make it through the round. I like to take a sip of water on every tee box and by the time I get to hole 5 or 6… snack time!  

Often, we can get so caught up with how well we’re playing, focusing on each individual shot that we forget to take care of the most important thing: ourselves. So, try this method when you’re out playing your next round and during practice. Snack before, snack and hydrate during and finish with a good healthy meal after. Your body and mind will appreciate it!   

Here are a few additional resources to help you choose healthy snacks for not only on the golf course, but every day. I challenge you to find five snacks you enjoy and can eat for energy and good health. 

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