My name is Nataliya Laciste. I am a freshman at Kennedy High School in La Palma and I’ve had the most incredible summer on the golf course with SCGA Junior. I was one of three juniors selected to participate in the USGA’s recent video campaign, I was chosen to play in a special fundraiser – the Foundation Cup – and I play in SCGA Junior’s Summer League.

Being selected to participate in events like these makes me feel special and honored that SCGA Junior sees my potential, supports me and knows I will represent SCGA Junior well.

Of course, my favorite moment on the course this summer was the USGA commercial. I was chosen to recreate an iconic moment from Michelle Wie West, and the coolest part was when we saw that she posted the video on her Instagram. Since the commercial aired, I have had lots of people congratulating me and showing their support.

In the Foundation Cup, playing such a beautiful course and with such wonderful people are memories that I will cherish. Going to lots of different courses and challenging myself both as a golfer and as a person has been great, and Summer League has been a big part of that as well.

I’m loving Summer League because I can still be competitive, and I am also able to hang out with friends. My brother and I have made some really special friends while being part of SCGA Junior. Golf also helps me off the course. Golf teaches me to have good sportsmanship and to stay focused a lot, because on tests you have to try and stay focused and in golf tournaments you have to stay focused, so it just helps me with my life.

I’m so grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve had, and they’ve added up to a very special summer! It has been a busy summer, but I look forward to the future tournaments and practices and starting high school golf. My goal one day is to play in college, and with the help of SCGA Junior and opportunities like these, I know that I’ll get there.

Nataliya Laciste, SCGA Junior Participant