Ever wondered why you need to clean your golf clubs? Your room? Well, you’ll have to talk to someone else about that, but for the golf clubs, we’ve got you covered. 

Long story short, having clean clubs is going to help your game. 

Throughout the history of the game, irons and wedges have been built with grooves in the clubface. These grooves assist golfers by helping create spin on the ball. Advanced players will produce a specific type of spin on the ball so they can better understand what the ball will do when it lands on the putting green. Clean grooves will increase the likelihood of producing spin as well as provide a level of consistency on the spin that is created. Debris in the grooves or on the clubface will cause inconsistencies in the spin of the golf ball, which will affect shot shape, trajectory and roll.  

If your clubs look like this, it is way past time to clean. 

What You Need: Golf towel, water, golf-brush 

If a golf towel and golf-brush are not available, paper towels and an old toothbrush or toothpicks can be used to clean out grooves. 

What You Do: 

  • Wet the corner of towel 
  • Wipe the clubface and grooves with the wet portion of towel 
    • It is important that water does not get into the ferrule or hosel of the golf club. This can erode the epoxy that holds the clubhead onto the shaft, causing the clubhead to fall off. Do not submerge in water past the hosel or ferrule  
    • Note: The ferrule is the black piece above the hosel. 
  • When needed, use a golf-brush, toothbrush or toothpicks to remove debris from the grooves on the clubface 
  • Re-wipe clubface with wet portion of towel to remove any remaining debris 
  • Dry off clubface and admire your new clean grooves