Looking for a stronger grip? More club control? More distance? Use these exercises from to improve your grip, forearm and wrist strength to help you control the club head. This will help you better control the club on your backswing, when you hit the ball (impact) and through to the finish. 

  • Finger stretch squeeze: Start with your hands open like you’re going to high five your best friend.  Squeeze your fingers into a claw, hold two seconds, and release and open back up to give out high fives again. 

  • Stress Ball: Use a stress ball to build strength in your fingers and forearms. On your right hand squeeze the stress ball 10 times.  Switch and use your left hand and squeeze it again 10 times. Do this on each hand, three times.  Tip: If you do not have a stress ball you can use balled up socks. 

  • Rubber Band Man: Get a rubber band and wrap it about an inch around your fingers and thumb of your right hand. Close and open your fingers and thumbs 10 times stretching them out as far as possible. Repeat on each hand three times. 

  • Motorcycle Gas On, Gas Off: Ball your hands in a fist and start by moving your fist back as if you were giving a gas on motorcycle. Do this for eight seconds, focusing on giving the motorcycle gas. Now, focus on not giving the motorcycle gas and do eight seconds of gas off. Focus on gently bending your fists down turning the gas off. 

  • Wrists Rolls: Start with your hands balled in a fist. Make circles with your fist to the right for 10 seconds, then switch and rotate them in a circle to the left.  Keep your elbows and arms close to your side to help you focus on making circles.