Player & Youth Development

 2022 Schedule

Each Session is 8 weeks long

Winter Session

January 23 – March 19


Spring Session

April 10 – June 4

Summer Session

June 26 – August 20

Fall Session

September 11 – November 5

Junior Benefits


As a new participant, each junior receives a polo, hat, lanyard, ball marker, and membership card.

Course Access

The instruction membership card gives juniors access to play a round and hit a bucket balls at all instruction facilities for discounted access of just $1-$5.

To upgrade to Youth on Course click here!


SCGA Membership

Includes access to educational outings, monthly playing opportunities, and scholarships.

Club Fitting

Juniors currently enrolled in the session have the opportunity to get a complimentary fitting and have the opportunity to purchase US Kids Golf clubs or Wilson Staff clubs, through our program.

One-on-One Lessons

All juniors ages 8 and up can purchase a one-on-one lesson for $40. There is also a four lesson bundle for $150.

Player & Youth Development Tournaments

PYD Tournaments are a great way for your junior to get competitve playing experience. These tournaments can also be used as an assessment to advance to the next level.

Playing Opportunities

Game Day

A Game Day is a free, on-course playing opportunity for members of the instruction program to practice and implement the skills they are taught in class.

  • The games are not mandatory to attend, but each junior is encouraged to participate.
  • There is a max of 30 participants for each game day.

Summer League

Summer League is a competitive opportunity for juniors who want to be a part of a travel team throughout the summer.  Juniors have the opportunity to compete against other teams outside of our program.


Leagues are designed for players who are a level 6 golfer or higher and who want to play competitive golf.  Leagues vary in length depending on the time of year and consists of weekly practices and tournaments on the weekend.


Titleist Performance Institute

A curriculum that develops athletes first and golfers second with a main focus on long term athletic development.  The curriculum is made up of many skill based activities that gives juniors a fun and learning environment.  For more information about the curriculum, click here.

Golf and Fitness Assessments

Each session, juniors that are ages 8 and older have the ability to take golf assessments. Golf assessments are an on course, score based assessment offered outside of class time througout the session.  Register and learn more for a golf assessment here.


This equipment is used for spark classes to help ease the learning process. It consists of bigger clubs and bigger balls so that they can gain confidence and learn the game easier. To learn more about the product, click here.


Southeast Los Angeles

San Fernando Valley


Fairmount GC

Orange County

Willowick GC

Southwest Los Angeles

Thank You to Our Partners


Volunteer Opportunities

For more information on how to volunteer, click here.

Child Safety Policies and Procedures

Thank you for being involved with and supporting SCGA Junior. As we continue to evolve and serve more kids in Southern California, child safety remains a top priority.  To that point, we have recently adopted new child safety policies and procedures to ensure the well-being of our participants and to clearly outline our expectations for creating a positive environment for all.  These policies and procedures will be continually shared with everyone involved with SCGA Junior including parents, staff and volunteers to cultivate that Click here to view Policies and Procedures 

Meet the Staff

Kaycee Wilke

Kaycee Wilke


Lauren Fesler

Lauren Fesler

Assistant Director (SFV)

John DeGomez

John DeGomez

Assistant Director (SELA & SWLA)

Jakeishya Le

Jakeishya Le

Assistant Director (RIV & OC)

Sifan He

Sifan He

Program Coordinator (SFV)

Payton Meeks

Payton Meeks

Program Manager (SELA)

Jonathon Curtis

Jonathon Curtis

Program Coordinator (RIV)

Teresa Thornton

Teresa Thornton

Senior Golf Instructor (SELA & SWLA)

Eric Koscielak

Eric Koscielak

Senior Golf Instructor (SELA)

Cory Ploadpliew

Cory Ploadpliew

Golf Instructor (SFV)

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