Player & Youth Development FAQ

When does the next session begin?

Winter Session

January 28 – March 5

Spring Session

April 8 – June 3

Summer Session

July 8 – August 31

Fall Session

September 11 – November 5

2023 Programming Dates to be announced soon!

How do I register for a class?

To register, choose the community that is nearest to you from the Player Development drop down menu. On each community’s homepage, there will be an option to “register” when classes are open for registration.

All families will be required to log in or create an account in order to register for golf programming. Returning families will be prompted to “log in”. First time participants will be asked to “Register” and create a household.

When inside the registration platform, select the “Classes & Activities” option. From there you will be able to browse and filter offerings based on event/class type, age, day of the week, start time, instructor, facility and community.

Please choose the most appropriate class for your junior. Juniors enrolled for instruction outside of their age bracket will be removed from the class. (Note: all classes are organized by age first and ability level second)

If you get to the registration page and tickets are no longer available, it means that the class is full or registration has closed for the session. Please contact us at if you have any questions about registration.

Which class should I register my junior for?

SCGA Junior offers programming based on age first and skill second. Age and skill breakdowns:

  • Spark: 5 – 7 years old
  • Spark II: 5 – 7 years old (Must complete one full session with SCGA Junior AND receive a coach recommendation)
  • Ignition: 8 – 11 years old
  • Fire: 12+ years old
  • Intermediate: Juniors must be Level 4+ or higher
  • Advanced Player Program: Juniors must be Level 7+ or higher

Reminder: Juniors cannot be registered for classes outside of their age group. In the event, a junior is registered for the wrong class, SCGA Junior will remove the junior from the class and reimburse the family for the cost.

I registered my junior for the wrong class, can you switch them to another class?

SCGA Junior cannot switch or transfer juniors from class to class. Families will be required to go in and register for the new class. Our team will provide the purchasing family with a full refund for the incorrect class.

SCGA Junior does not hold or reserve class spots for juniors, who were registered for the wrong class.


What is the Advanced Player Program? Is my junior eligible?

 The Advanced Player Program is a unique training class modeled after the Titleist Performance Institute’s Elite Development Program (link to Class size is limited to 12 to ensure more one on one training and class curriculum is designed to include majority on course training.  Juniors in this class can expect to improve all aspects of their game while being taught more technical golf skills to help lower their tournament scores.

To be eligible for the Advanced Player Program, juniors must be at least a Level 7 golfer through our golf assessments. Click here to review our golf levels and assessments.

If you have questions about which level your junior is in, contact

What is financial assistance, how can I receive it and what are the requirements?

Financial assistance is available to all families in need. To receive a discount on programming costs, families must provide documentation of government assistance. (CalWorks, Food Stamps, Medi-Cal, etc…)

Financial assistance can be applied towards registration costs, E-Store purchases, one-on-one lessons, equipment purchases and all costs associated with the player & youth development program.

To apply for financial assistance, go to your community’s homepage and fill out the financial aid application. (Orange County, Riverside, San Fernando Valley, Southeast Los Angeles and Southwest Los Angeles)

Once an application is completed, SCGA Junior staff will review and follow up via email. Please make sure all information on the application is accurate and valid.

How do I know what level my junior is in?

All juniors enter the program as Level 1. Following each assessment, the junior will receive an automated email with their current golf level. Junior’s membership cards will also reflect their current golf and fitness level.

Do juniors need their own clubs for class?

No, SCGA Junior will always have equipment for juniors to borrow during class and on-course play.

This is my first session, how do I get my uniform?

Uniforms are passed out at the beginning of the session and during parent workshops. If you are not able to attend a parent workshop, please let us know so that we can get your junior his/her uniform in a timely fashion.

Complimentary uniforms are only distributed to first time participants. Replacements can be purchased in our E-Store.


Do returning parents need to attend parent workshops at the beginning of each instruction session?

Returning families, parents or guardians do not need to attend parent workshops hosted at the beginning of each session. However, we highly encourage attendance for all session participants. SCGA Junior uses these workshops as an opportunity to inform our community on recent developments, offerings and answer any FAQ’s.

What is Youth on Course and how can I sign up?

Youth on Course provides juniors discounted access to more than 130 golf courses in Southern California and more than 1600 facilities in North America. Members can purchase a bucket of balls for $1- $2 and a round of golf for $2 -$5.  As a member of the Player & Youth Development program, juniors are eligible to purchase Youth on Course at a discounted price of $30. If you would like to purchase a Youth on Course, please click here.

I lost my membership card, how can I get a new one?

All PYD and Youth on Course membership cards are now digital. Email our team at and we will email a replacement.

Do juniors get a new polo every time they register for class?

No — juniors only receive a complimentary polo and hat/visor the first time they register for class instruction with SCGA Junior. Replacements can be purchased in our E-Store.

Why do juniors need a membership card?

The membership card allows your junior to receive discounted access on range balls and green fees at instruction sites. See list of instruction sites below. 

Juniors must show their membership card in the pro shop to receive discounted access.  The card also displays your junior’s golf and fitness level and membership number.

Orange County – Willowick Golf Course

Riverside – Fairmount Golf Course

San Fernando Valley – Woodley Lakes Golf Course

Southeast Los Angeles – Don Knabe Golf Center, Los Amigos Golf Course, Pico Rivera Golf Course and Whittier Narrows Golf

Southwest Los Angeles – Maggie Hathaway Golf Course


*Juniors will only receive discounted access in their specific community*

How can my junior take a one-on-one lesson?

One-on-one lessons are available to all juniors ages 8 years and older or enrolled in Spark II. Lessons can be scheduled at any time with the instructor of your choice. Lessons are $40 each or $150 for a four-lesson bundle.

To schedule the lesson, visit this page here.

What is a Game Day?

A Game Day is a casual, free on-course playing opportunity for members of the player & youth development program. Juniors must be enrolled in the current programming session to attend.

Game Days are organized by age, with Spark playing 4 holes, Ignition playing 6, and Fire playing 9.

Game Days will be offered throughout the programming session. Juniors will gain on course experience along with pace of play and other rules of golf.

If juniors have their own clubs, they are encourage to use them. Spark kids will only be able to use SNAG clubs. 

Do juniors need prior playing experience to participate in Game Days?

No experience is needed.  Each week coaches, staff and volunteers will be out on the course with juniors to assist them in any way possible.

What is SCGA Junior’s make up class policy?

SCGA Junior does not offer make up classes for missed classes, inclement weather or holidays. We highly recommend you sign your junior up for an assessment, game day or club fitting to make up for the missed class.


What are assessments?

Golf assessments are on-course, score-based assessments that track the progress of juniors 8 years old and up. We’ve created assessments that test skills at the most fundamental levels and progress to a full 18 hole on-course round. Juniors can track their progress throughout their time in our program and see what parts of their game need work and what parts they can continue to excel at!

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