Meet Our Instructors

Eric Koscielak

Sr. Golf Instructor

Eric was born and raised in Orange County. Both team sports and individual sports have been a huge part of his life since a young age. Eric has been working in the golf industry for the past 13 years and has found that golf instruction is where his passion is. Helping individuals learn new skills that will help them both on and off of the golf course is extremely rewarding. 

Why do you enjoy working with kids?

I enjoy working with kids because they are extremely energetic and do not sugarcoat how they feel.

Why sports?

Golf and sports in general, have been a big part of my life since a young age. As a child I was involved with many team sports; baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball. I even played in the Little League World Series of baseball for the city of Cypress in 1998. The golf course and different playing fields/courts have always been a place of comfort, relaxation, and growth for me. Some of my favorite memories are on the golf course with my family. I’m inspired to keep golf in my life and to show others what the game is really about.



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