Meet Our Staff

Lauren Fesler

Assistant Director – San Fernando Valley

As Program Manager, Lauren will lead this community and its staff, while also supporting the larger PYD program. She will be responsible for the development, operation, growth and exposure of the PYD program. She will supervise the SFV team including the program coordinator and part-time coaches, work in the field to lead programming, develop curriculum and assist in developing new, local partners.  

Lauren graduated from Cal Lutheran University, where she competed on the women’s golf team and earned a degree in Business Management. She has previous experience serving as the Junior Activities Coordinator at Hillcrest CC. Lauren has deep connections to SCGA Junior, beginning as a program participant to becoming an SCGA Junior Scholar. She served as Development Intern for the Foundation in the summer of 2015.

Why is golf a great sport for young people to learn? 

II believe that golf is a great activities for kids to learn life lessons such as patience, emotional control, camaraderie, and confidence. While golf can be frustrating at times, there is nothing like hitting a great shot! I hope that all juniors are able to experience this success and develop a lifelong passion for the game. 

Who is your dream foursome?

Michelle Wei, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson! That round would be full of laughs.

You just won the lottery, now what?

Travel around the world and play all of the top golf courses.

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