My Golf Pass Certification Quizzes

  Welcome to the certification page for the Golf Pass. In order to be eligible for discounted access, you must complete the four quizzes below on an annual basis.  As you go through the quizzes, please be sure to SAVE your answers and complete the entire quiz before hitting SUBMIT.

Instructions for completing the quizzes:

  • When completing a quiz section, select the correct answer for each question and hit SAVE.
  • Some quizzes have multiple sections, sections are listed on the left side of the quiz.
  • Once you press save, please select the next section of the quiz.  **You must complete all sections of the quiz before you select SUBMIT.**
  • You must get all answers correct in order to be come certified.  Once you submit, you can review your answers to see which ones you need to go back and correct.
  • Once you complete a quiz, select to go back to the homepage to get started on the next quiz.
  • Once you complete your quiz, it may take up to 15 minutes to show the quiz as complete.

If you experience technical issues, please contact SCGA Junior; or 818-980-3630.  We recommend using Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer or Safari.