Instruction FAQ

When does the next session begin?

Winter Session

January 22 – March 19

Spring Session

April 3 – May 27

Summer Session

June 12 – August 5

Summer League

June – August (Dates TBD)

Fall Session

September 17 – November 10

Fall League

Dates TBD

How do I register for a class?

To register, choose the instruction site that is nearest to you from the drop down menu.  After you select the site, please choose the most appropriate class for your junior. (Note: all classes are organized by age first and ability level second)  Click on the class date and time that you would like and it will send you to the registration page.  Financial Assistance is available.

If you get to the registration page and says that tickets are no longer available, it means that the class is full or registration for the session has closed.  Please contact us at if you have any questions about registration.

What is financial assistance, how can I receive it and what are the requirements?

Financial aid is offered to all our juniors.  To apply for financial aid scroll to the bottom of the registration page and you can go to the application page, click here.  Once you fill out the page and click submit it will get sent to us and we will respond back to as quickly as possible.

To receive a greater discount through financial assistance you must provide documentation that you receive government assistance such as: Free or Reduced Lunch Program, CalWorks, Food Stamps, etc.

Is my junior eligible for the Learn to Compete class?

To be eligible for the Learn to Compete class, juniors must be at least a level 6 golfer through our golf assessments.

If you have questions about which level your junior is in, contact

How do I know what level my junior is in?

If your junior has been a part of our program, your junior’s membership card will indicate your junior’s golf and fitness level. If your junior is new to the program, they will start out at level one.

Do juniors need their own clubs for class?

No, we will always have equipment for juniors to use during practice and at Game Days.

This is my first session, how do I get my uniform?

Uniforms are passed out at the beginning of the session during parent workshops.  If you are not able to attend a parent workshop, please let us know so that we can get your junior his/her uniform in a timely fashion.

Do returning parents need to attend parent workshops at the beginning of each instruction session?

Yes, all parents must attend the parent workshop at the beginning of each session. Workshops provide updates, a schedule of events, and gives parents the opportunity to address any questions or concerns they might have with an SCGA Junior staff member.

What is the Golf Pass and how can I sign up for one?

The Golf Pass gives juniors discounted access to more than 150 golf courses in Southern California, where they can purchase a bucket of balls for $1- $2 and a round of golf for $3 -$5.  As a member of the instruction program, juniors are eligible to purchase the golf pass at a discounted price of $30. If you would like to purchase a golf pass, please click here.

I lost my membership card, how can I get a new one?

You can purchase a new membership card from the instruction store along with a new lanyard if needed.

Do juniors get a new polo every time they register for class?

No, juniors only receive a polo the first time they register for a class.

Why do juniors need a membership card?

The membership card allows your junior to receive discounted access on range balls and green fees at instruction sites. Juniors must show their membership card in the pro shop to receive the discounts.  The card also displays your junior’s golf and fitness level and membership number, which are needed for registering for the next session.

How can my junior take advantage of the free private lesson each session?

Juniors ages 8 and older, currently enrolled in each session, have the ability to receive a free 45 minute private lesson with an instructor. To schedule the lesson, contact the instructor you wish your junior to receive the lesson from or visit this page here.

What is a Game Day?

A Game Day is a free on course playing opportunity for members of the instruction program. Games are organized by age, with Spark playing 4 holes, Ignition playing 6, and Fire and High School playing 9.

Each week the Game Day will change courses rotating between Los Amigos GC, Pico Rivera GC and Don Knabe GC.  At each Game, kids will learn a different format of playing golf (stroke play, scramble, best ball, and team) along with pace of play and other rules of golf. Coaches will be available to explain how to play the game and assist juniors on the course.

If juniors have their own clubs, they are encourage to use them. Spark kids will only be able to use SNAG clubs.  If you need to borrow clubs, please email us at ahead of time so that we can have them ready for you when you get there.

Do juniors need experience to play in Game Day?

No experience is needed to participate.  Each week coaches and volunteers will be out on the course with juniors to assist them in any way possible.

Can juniors make up a class?

Unfortunately, if your junior misses a class they will not be able to make it up.

What are assessments?

All juniors, except for those in Spark classes, are assessed on their golf and fitness skills at the end of each session.  These assessments objectively measure the success of each junior.  Fitness assessments are conducted during class time, and golf assessments are voluntary on-course days scheduled outside of class time.

The fitness assessment was designed by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).  The assessment consists of four categories that assess the junior’s physical abilities: vertical jump, sit up and throw, chest pass, and shuttle run.

The golf assessment is an on-course score based assessment.   The course is scaled down to specific yardages based on the level being tested.

PR = Pico Rivera GC             DK = Don Knabe GC

Level Target Score Distance
1 27 9-hole putting course
2 27 9-hole chip, pitch, and putt course
3 36 25
4 36 (PR), 32 (DK) 50
5 36 (PR), 32 (DK) 75
6 38 (PR), 30 (DK) Tee boxes/variable distance
7 +12 18 holes
8 +8 18 holes
9 +4 18 holes

Levels 7-9 will base yardage on age and gender.

What are the surveys for and why does my child have to fill it out every session?

At the beginning and end of each session, juniors complete a survey that is provided by Up2Us Sports.  Completion of the surveys are a requirement by Up2Us in order to continue to receive coach funding for our organization.  These surveys ask juniors about decision making, healthy food choices, and about school.  All surveys are sent to Up2Us and at the end of the year they send us back an analysis of the entire year.  This information is used in grant writing for our programs.

Do all coaches coach at the same golf courses?

No, depending on a coach’s schedule and site demand, a coach is scheduled where he/she is most needed. Coaches from each site will be present at Game Days every Saturday.