Meet Our Board

Patrick Muñoz

The Basics:

Name: Patrick Muñoz

City of residence: Newport Beach

Club: Santa Ana CC

Profession: Attorney

Family: Son and daughter-in-law – Daniel and Genevieve and daughter – Rebecca

Volunteer and committee involvement: With SCGA Junior Golf Foundation – Board member; Orange Coast College Foundation; Pacific Marine Mammal Center; Santa Ana CC Legal and Bylaws Committee

What you Didn’t Know:

Favorite musician: Elton John

First car: VW Bug

Favorite book: The Odyssey by Homer

Guilty-pleasure food: Wood fire pizza

Favorite non-golf item: Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football

Favorite quote: “I have sworn eternal hostility on the altar of God to all forms of tyranny over the minds of men.” -Thomas Jefferson

Fantasy profession: Restaurant owner

Most visited website: Fox News

Greatest pride: My children


On the Course:

Favorite golf gadget: Track Man

What Patrick would change: Lost ball rule – the pros never lose a ball!

Favorite professional players: Tiger, Cantlay, Arnie, Jack

What Patrick would say to interest more juniors: Learn to golf while you’re young because when you’re 35 you’re not going to say to your friends, “Hey, let’s go play football,” but you will say, “Hey, let’s go play golf!”