The 2021 Foundation Cup Bios

 Choose one of our program members or alumni to join your group!

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* List is being updated as juniors confirm avaliabilty

Derek Ban

School: Middlebury College
Year: Freshman

Stephanie Fernandez

School: California State University, San Marcos
Year: Senior

Natalie Gonzalez

School:  Whittier College
Year:  Junior
Index: 5.6

Sal Hinojosa

School: Whittier College
Year: Junior
Index: 3.8

Kirsten Lindner

School: Hawaii Pacific University

Jetty Sivongsay

School: California State University, San Bernardino
Year: Sophomore
Index: +1.5


Shani Waite

School: Prairie View A&M University
Year: Freshman
Index: 0.9

Marni Murez

School: Santa Clara University
Year: Alumni
Index: 1