Meet Our Board

Bob Baker

The Basics:

Name: Bob Baker

City of residence: Torrance

Club: Lakewood CC

Profession: Commercial Real Estate Consultant and Broker (Co-Founder and President of BMW Realty Advisors)

Family: Wife – Jill; Children – Brigitte (25), Nate (21)

What You Didn’t Know:

Favorite musician: Paul McCartney

First car: 1967 Firebird (3 speed)

Favorite book: Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus

Guilty-pleasure food: Anything with chocolate (dark preferred)

Favorite non-golf item: Hiking shoes

Favorite quote: From my father: “Remember, I could be right and you could be right, too.”

Fantasy profession: Champions Tour golfer

Greatest pride: My family

Most visited website: Fidelity

Why Bob volunteers: I love to give back to the game, which started for me at age 12 as a caddy. My first golf volunteer job was at the 1975 U.S. Open.

On The Course:

Favorite golf gadget: Apple Watch with GolfLogix app for yardages

What Bob would change about the game: Speed of play

Favorite professional players: Ben Crenshaw, Jack Nicklaus, Zach Johnson

What Bob would say to interest more juniors: This is a game you can play your whole life and you’ll have fun with people of different skill levels. Just by playing the game you will learn a lot about life and yourself.