Player & Youth Development 2020 Tournaments


SCGA Junior is excited to offer tournaments for its Player & Youth Development program starting in 2020. Tournaments are a great way for your junior to get competitive playing experience. We will be hosting a total of 11 tournaments in 2020, and the full schedule of tournaments can be viewed on the right. 

Each community (South East Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley) will host a tournament during week 8 of the session for juniors  levels 3-9. Additionally, SCGA Junior will host three out-of-session tournaments at local courses for juniors levels 7+ to compete in. All tournaments scores can also be used as an assessment to advance to the next level. Please see below for more information. 


In-Session Tee Times: starting at 2:30pm 

Out-of-Session Tee Times: Tee times vary by site (TBD)

Holes Played: 

  • Juniors will play 9 holes at each in-session event  (Levels 3-9)
  • Juniors will play 18 holes at each out of session event  (Levels 7+)


  • Level 

               3-6, 7-9 

  • Gender (determined based on field size) 

               Boys and Girls in levels 7-9 

 Level Promotions based on Score:

  • Don Knabe: no promotion available 
  • Pico Rivera: promotions available for levels 4-6* 

              Level 4: Scoring a 23 or better 

              Level 5: Scoring a 21 or better

              Level 6: Scoring a 18 or better

  • Van Nuys: promotions available for levels 3-6* 

              Level 3: Scoring a 30 or better 

              Level 4: Scoring a 22 or better

              Level 5: Scoring a 20 or better

              Level 6: Scoring a 18 or better


SCGA Junior will review all rules prior to each group teeing off.



2020 Tournament Schedule

Mar 21 – Don Knabe GC

Mar 21 – Van Nuys GC

Mar 28 – Santa Anita GC

May 30 – Don Knabe GC

May 30 – Van Nuys GC

Jun 6 – Brookside GC

Aug 29 – Pico Rivera GC

Aug 29 – Van Nuys GC 

Sep 12 – Griffith Park GC

Oct 17 – Brookside GC

Nov 7 – Don Knabe GC

Nov 7 – Van Nuys GC