One-on-One Lesson

How it works: As a new feature in the SCGA Junior instruction program, juniors currently enrolled in a 10-week session of classes will have the option of also taking one private one-on-one 45-minute lesson with an SCGA Junior Instructor during that 10-week period. This is being offered as an opportunity for juniors to enhance their skills at an accelerated rate and progress faster through the SCGA Junior skill level system. After the lesson, juniors will be provided with drills and exercises to implement in their own practice to enhance their progress.

Who: Juniors ages 10 and above who are currently enrolled in the SCGA Junior instruction program at Pico Rivera GC or Norwalk GC

When: The lesson is to be scheduled outside of typical class times with available instructors. The lesson must be scheduled one week ahead of time.


-Please observe a 24 hour cancellation/reschedule policy if you are unable to attend. To cancel or reschedule your lesson, please contact your instructor.

-Lesson booking is dependent on instructor availability and are to be held outside of normal operating class time. Please contact your instructor for further details.

-Students must currently be enrolled in the instruction program at Pico Rivera GC or Norwalk GC to be eligible for a complimentary lesson.

-Lessons do not roll over into the next Instruction session. The lesson must be used within the 10 weeks of class or the two week break period in between sessions.

-One-on-one lessons are 45 minutes in duration

-Limit one complimentary lesson per 10-week session.


Q: My child is under 10 years old, why are they not eligible for a private lesson?

A: Most research has indicated that private one-on-one instruction is not effective for children under the age of 10. Due to the technical nature of a private lesson and the physical/cognitive development requirements necessary, it typically is not an enjoyable or effective experience for younger juniors. Also, most research would also point that younger students learn faster in group environment. After age 10, students begin to develop the capacity to handle slightly more technical based instruction to complement their group based practices.

Q: Why should I attend group classes as opposed to only doing private lessons?

A: Group lessons offer kids the opportunity to get more frequent feedback from their coaches then would be allowed in a typical one on one setting. It also allows for supervised, coach led practice sessions designed to transfer skills to the golf course. A private lesson is meant to aide and accelerate the learning of a particular technical skill. Too much one-on-one time can lead to “information overload” and may not be beneficial to the student. A combination of group based learning with occasional one-on-one coaching has proven to be more beneficial for students.