SCGA Junior Named Scholarships

Livingston Family Scholarship Description

“The Livingston Family Foundation recognizes an athletic individual who exemplifies qualities that others respect.  This leader is honorable, hard working, positive and remains committed to their vision despite life’s challenges.  He or she demonstrates enthusiasm and is persistent in accomplishing goals in school, the community or workplace.”

2011: Wally Gonzalez, Grisell Medina

2012: Ezequiel Jauregui

2013: Sachi Hamada

2014: Rachel Chandler

2015: Stephanie Gonzalez

2016: Allan Sander

2017: Stephanie Fernandez

2018: Dana Bryant

SCGA Presidents’ Named Scholarship

The SCGA Presidents’ Scholarship, granted by the SCGA Foundation, recognizes an individual who exemplifies leadership qualities and has excelled on the golf course. The SCGA Presidents’ Scholarship honors an accomplished high school golfer who demonstrates initiative, leadership and accountability in his/her community, school or workplace as well as a strong sense of social awareness. These qualities reflect traits our SCGA Presidents have possessed since the founding of the association in 1899.

2012: Jorgeo Catolico

2013: Carolane Gariepy

2014: Georgia Lacey

2015: Nicholas Moreno

2016: Michael Nguyen

2017: Mark Williams

2018: Elizabeth Wang

COPi Cup Scholarship

“The COPi Cup Scholar embodies the traits of competition, camaraderie, and charity. This scholar plays the game as a competitor, but also enjoys the social aspects. He or she demonstrates a significant dedication to charity through both golf and in his or her community.”

2014: Alec Spencer

2015: Samantha Rocha

2016: Marni Murez

2017: Alyaa Abdulghany

2018: Calista Reyes

The Jim Duff Scholarship

The Jim Duff Scholar embodies the traits of an honorable golfer. This scholar plays the game with courtesy and integrity, knows the Rules of the game, and maintains a good pace on the course. He or she demonstrates etiquette on and off the course and knows that golf is a sport and a social activity that lasts a lifetime. These scholars will utilize the game to pursue a higher education and a better life for themselves.

2015: Elise Polk, Savannah Knox, Jamie Harada, Lauren Fesler

2016: Amber Christensen

2017: Hansel Suharli

2018: Salvador Hinojosa

Friends of Golf Scholarship

The Friends of Golf (FOG) Scholarship is presented annually to an SCGA Junior participant who represents their mission of growing the game and being of a charitable heart.  This participant has been actively involved with SCGA Junior and has utilized their passion for the game to give back to golf and to the community.  This individual will have clearly demonstrated the values of hard work, integrity, sportsmanship and leadership as well as a love for the game of golf.  Finally, the individual will have performed well in the classroom and shown a commitment to pursue a college degree.

2016: Steven Torres

2017: Matthew Carungay

2018: Diamond Lew

Scholarship Naming Policy

To receive a named scholarship by the SCGA Foundation, a donor would make a minimum pledge of $50,000. This commitment can be made upfront or in pledge amounts of no less than $10,000 per year (a maximum of 5 years). This would name a scholarship for 5 years. To name a scholarship in perpetuity, a donation of $100,000 is required and may be paid over 10 years with a minimum contribution of $10,000 per year.