Message from a Scholar

Hello SCGA Members,

I am Wesley Levanduski, a SCGA Junior Scholar from Paso Robles, CA. Three weeks ago, I finished my freshman year of college at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) in the Professional Golf Management Program. I would like to have a few minutes of your time to tell you about one of the best decisions of my life and this information might even influence your college and career path.

Like many of you, I was unaware of what the Professional Golf Management Program was until midway through high school. The PGA PGM Program is a four and a half year program designed to prepare students for a successful career in the golf industry. The program is offered at 20 universities across the country such as Penn State, UCCS and Costal Carolina. Depending on the school, students will earn a business, hospitality, science degree or many others along with participating in a 16-month paid internship as part of their Professional Golf certification.

Like the SCGA’s idea of pioneering leadership, the PGM program promotes leadership as well. Freshmen through seniors can hold positions such as class representative, president, vice president or serve on our Executive Board. Next year, I will be the tournament director, meaning I will set up venues at different courses, make pairings and do the scoring for each event.

The UCCS PGM Directors are very passionate about helping students. They have many resources and will help each student with their internship selections and careers after college. My good friend and fellow PGM student Arick Zeigel says, “The PGA Professional Golf Management Program at UCCS has allowed me the opportunity to turn my passion into a well-founded career. The friendly staff and students all have the same passions and goals that you do, making it a great recipe for success.”

I hope this has sparked some interest in the PGM program. Click here for the UCCS PGM website and the contact information for the UCCS Director Ed Kelbel is below. Please contact him with any questions.

Ed Kelbel
(719) 255-3032

Wesley Levanduski

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