2018 Club Outings and Events

 Club outings are a great place to meet other golfers and gain course experience.

Club Outing: Fairmont Park Golf Course

Saturday, October 20

Tee Times Begin: 2pm

Cost: $10

Format: Individual Stroke Play


Club Outing: St. Mark Executive Golf Course

Saturday, November 3

Tee Times Begin: at 12pm

Cost: $15

Format: Individual Stroke Play

Halloween Costumes Encouraged!


Child Safety Policy and Procedures

Thank you for being involved with and supporting SCGA Junior. As we continue to evolve and serve more kids in Southern California, child safety remains a top priority.  To that point, we have recently adopted new child safety policies and procedures to ensure the well-being of our participants and to clearly outline our expectations for creating a positive environment for all.  These policies and procedures will be continually shared with everyone involved with SCGA Junior including parents, staff and volunteers to cultivate that environment.

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