SCGA Junior College Scholarships

College scholarships are awarded annually to SCGA Junior participants when they are completing their senior year of high school. Scholarships are need-based and support kids from all different backgrounds as they pursue degrees at various institutions.

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 Meet graduating SCGA Scholar Samantha Rocha


Sam in 2015 

Originally seen in FORE Summer 2015 
               Sam Rocha will never forget her first trip to the Occidental College campus. It was a day that changed her life forever, and opened her eyes to new possibilities. The then-high school sophomore, participating on an educational outing with SCGA Junior (formerly SCGA Youth on Course), had no clue she was stepping foot on her future college campus. But now that she’s just weeks away from beginning classes at the small, liberal arts school in Eagle Rock, Calif., the full circle moment is one that’s almost complete. “Being able to go to the campus that day, meet with the golf team, it was life changing for me,” said Rocha. “I had never seen an environment like that before. That following summer, I realized I had a chance to make that my reality.”  Read More

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Enjoying some light reading before getting out on the course! 📚📖 ...

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Getting in the Halloween spirit at Sunday Funday yesterday! 🎃 ...

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We're teeing up for a great weekend! 🏌️‍♂️⁠

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Zoe making it look easy with her tips for perfecting your full shot swing! 🏌️‍♀️⁠

Thanks @la84foundation for teaming up with us to keep growing the game!⁠

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This week's #MentorMonday is Riverside coach, Joshua💙⁠

Best advice to juniors: Golf is just a game! Smile and have FUN! 😁⁠

Golf Superstition: I ALWAYS have to putt before I play. ⛳⁠

Why I love being a coach: The EXCITEMENT on the juniors faces when they hit the ball far! 🏌️‍♂️

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Junior Spotlight: The Valles Brothers 👍⁠

Ethan's favorite SCGA Junior memory is going to Game Days with his brother and encouraging him throughout the day. Matthew's is when he hit the ball super far during a driving range session with Coach T!💥⁠

For more on these two superstars, read the spotlight story by clicking the 🔗 in our bio!

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Thanks to Nathan, we'll all be working on our short game this weekend! ⛳⁠

With the help of @la84foundation 's #PlayEquity Movement, we're giving kids like Nathan opportunities to play golf and join the SCGA Junior community!⁠

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Junior Spotlight: The Shay Sisters 💙💗⁠

Sunnie and Lily always bring the laughter and good energy to golf class in Southeast LA and they love to participate in LPGA*USGA Girls Golf events. 😀⁠
Fun Fact: Sunnie and Lily are on the swim team too!🏊‍♂️⁠

Get to know these two more by clicking the 🔗 in bio!

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Not sure what's better... when the Gumms siblings come to golf class together or Ariel's hot pink shoes! 😄⁠

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Showing Coach Stephanie some extra love this week with #MentorMonday !! 💙⁠

Favorite drill/activity to do during class: Hitting on the range. I always enjoy seeing the kids get excited about hitting their drivers and trying to see how far they can hit it.🏌️‍♀️⁠

Dream vacation spot: Anywhere warm and sunny, with a scenic golf course, and good food and drinks. ☀️🌴⁠

Why I love being a coach: I get to say the golf course is my office and I enjoy seeing younger generations with the same love for golf as myself!⁠

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