Meet Justin Doyle

Golf Instructor, SCGA Junior

Justin has worked in the golf industry since graduating from the College of the Desert’s Professional Golf Management program in 2007. That same year he was hired by the Nike Golf Learning Center at Vista Valencia GC.

As a certified Level 2 Golf Coach and Junior Golf Coach through the Titleist Performance Institute, Justin is well versed in developing improvement programs for golfers by assessing functional movement and golf skills. For juniors, he implements a long-term athletic development model of coaching. Justin trained with top golf instructors including Rick Smith, Henry Brunton and Dr. Rick Jensen and has given more than 8,000 lessons helping both junior and adult golfers reach their goals while having fun with the game.

Why do you like to coach?

“Coaching golf is a great job because I get to have positive impact on people. Whether it’s a junior who is learning the sport for life or an adult who was frustrated. It’s a great feeling to be able to set up an environment for people to learn, build skill and thrive.”

Whats the best part about working with kids?

“The kids are a constant reminder how powerful a person’s creativity and imagination can be. Sometimes that gets lost in adult life, so it’s great to see it on a daily basis.”

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